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Allied Medical Research Journal 
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Title of Allied Medical Research Journal
Allied Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences
Blind Peer Review
Edited bySumaira Imran Farooqui
Publication details
Allied Medical Research (Pvt) Limited (Pakistani)
Open Access
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ISSN2958-9592 (print)
2958-9592 (web)
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4-8 weeks

Allied Medical Research Journal is an open-access biannual, peer-reviewed journal published by Allied Medical Research Journal (Pvt) limited registered from Security Exchange Commision of Pakistan (SECP Corporate Unique Identification No. 0218560) . It is available for the researcher across the globe. It provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for healthcare practitioners to promote research and evidence-based practices in their respective fields. It addresses physicians, rehabilitationists, young researchers, and other health professionals that focus their attention on general and specific issues related to health and medicine.

Aims & Scope


Allied Medical Research Journal aims to publish original research articles, reviews, and short communications in various interdisciplinary fields related to healthcare. The scope of AMRJ includes the following fields:

Basic Medical Sciences: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biomechanics, and Kinesiology.

Medical Sciences: Medicine and Surgery.

Pharmacology: Pharmaceutical and Pharmacotherapy.

Rehabilitation Sciences: Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Assistive technology, Psychology, Alternative medicine, and Audiology.

Allied Sciences: Medical Technology, including imaging and laboratory technology, and other healthcare-related fields.

Bioengineering: Engineering principles applied to healthcare, including medical device design, biomaterials, and tissue engineering.

Nursing Science: Research related to nursing education, practice, and patient care.

Sports Sciences: Research related to sports medicine, exercise physiology, and physical activity.

Health and Fitness: Research related to nutrition, health promotion, and disease prevention.

Health informatics and technology.

Biomedical engineering and technology.

Environmental health and occupational health and safety.

Aims and Objectives

AMRJ strives to contribute to the advancement of medical and allied health practice, research, and education, and to promote knowledge and high-quality research in the fields of medicine and allied health professions. We welcome submissions from researchers across the globe who shares our commitment to achieve the following goals;

To encourage the publication of innovative and original research in the fields of medicine and allied health professions.

To provide a platform for health practitioners to share their knowledge and expertise through online publication of their research findings.

To promote evidence-based practice by disseminating research findings that can contribute to the improvement of health care services and patient outcomes.

To foster collaboration among researchers, practitioners, educators, and other stakeholders in the fields of medicine and allied health professions, thereby promoting interdisciplinary research.

To ensure the quality of research published in the journal through a rigorous peer-review process and editorial oversight, thus maintaining high standards of research publication.

To address ethical considerations related to patient outcomes, health care services, and quality care in the publication of research, thereby promoting ethical conduct in research and practice.

Contact Info

publication. amrj@gmail. com

editor@amrj. net