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Welcome to Asian Research Index

OOjs UI icon ongoingConversation-rtl.svgIntroduction of Asian Research Index

Asian Research Index (ARI) is an online indexing service for providing free access to open access, peer reviewed, high quality online research journals. ARI is independent, whose funds are collected merely through donations of the Board Directors and other sponsors.

Indexing of journals in ARI is free of cost including data availability online. Our current focus is to increase visibility of Asian Literature through our platform.

Major Objectives

  1. To provide free access to high quality scientific literature at one platform.
  2. To help publishers to make the publishing platform better and more accessible for easy access to scientific community
  3. To help journals to serve authors in a better way by properly presenting their articles thus inviting more citations
  4. To make high quality Asian literature more visible at global level by increasing traffic to the journal site